Sandbag Training for Combatives, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo (Part 4)
English · 06. Februar 2021
Ever thought about putting a heavy sandbag in your jacket and then rowing upright with it? ... not only for the training of Jiu-Jitsu and Judo a brutal attack on the specific strength to grip clothes or a gi. Grip strength can be critical in combat, whether it is in a sporting duel on the mat, attempting to draw a weapon or having someone else grab your own weapon in a real-life confrontation.
Cross-Combat-Training | Keg Lifting for Combatives, Krav Maga and Combat Sports
English · 12. Januar 2021
Kegs or beer kegs are a versatile training tool that can be ideally used in an interdisciplinary strength and conditioning programme that is relevant to us. Training with kegs requires a lot of stability and thus builds reactive strength. The possible exercises form an enormous attack on the entire body, but especially our grip strength and our shoulder and trunk muscles.

Cross-Combat-Training | Sandbag Training for Combatives (Part 2)
English · 02. Januar 2021
A variety of sandbags are available from different suppliers, in different sizes, shapes and handle configurations. Besides special sandbags, such as Throw-Bags / Kettle-Bags or Bulgarian bags, sandbags can be divided into two overarching categories for simplicity: Sandbags with handles and sandbags without handles.
Cross-Combat-Training | Sled Training for Combatives (Part 1)
English · 27. Dezember 2020
Sleds are nowadays used for interval training, high-speed strength training, strongman training and general cardiovascular training, for example. Many of these applications can be used specifically for various martial arts and self-protection systems.

Cross-Combat-Training | Sandbag Training for Combatives (Part 1)
English · 20. Dezember 2020
Similar to the mix of different hybrid systems required for today's physical part of self-protection (boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Luta Livre and more), it is equally important to take a balanced approach to one's fitness. Again, you should design your programme to train agility, endurance, strength, power, mobility and speed.
Preemptive Striking - The Preemptive Strike or First Strike
English · 30. August 2019
...some training scars can no longer be corrected depending on the situation and can cause great and unwanted damage afterwards. First strike, if necessary - yes! Just think about it.

Fight Like An Amazon
English · 19. August 2019
If one follows the self-defence and self-protection scene, it is always noticeable that special offers for women are advertised. Often filled with techniques that are still applicable under high stress or even fear of death. It is to be assumed with this kind of advertisement that neither a participant can reproduce the content under high stress and fear of death, nor does the author even know what he is talking about.
Playful Training - Hard Drills
English · 15. August 2019
Not every participant can develop under constant hardship and as realistic a training design as possible. There is even the possibility that participants who want to protect themselves from aggression and violence may bring aggression and violence into their everyday lives through wrong training design.