Fight Like An Amazon

SC Int'l - Street Combatives - Fight Like an Amazon

"Women can't fight." 

"Women need to be trained differently."

"Women need special techniques."


This list of statements could probably be continued at will.

And yes... we train situatively, dynamically, honestly and can no longer hear such statements.


Women or generally smaller persons do not need special techniques, they need a context-related mediation of solution approaches and progression. 


If one follows the self-defence and self-protection scene, it is always noticeable that special offers for women are advertised. Often filled with techniques that are still applicable under high stress or even fear of death. It is to be assumed with this kind of advertisement that neither a participant can reproduce the content under high stress and fear of death, nor does the author even know what he is talking about.

The question also arises as to how the so-called "weak" sex can be made capable of lasting defence against male assaults in these seminars lasting several hours.

The "strong" sex, on the other hand, needs considerably longer on the basis of regular training and seminars. Some people may not achieve this goal.


SC Int'l - Street Combatives - Fight Like an Amazon

A closer look at the seminar contents quickly reveals that this contradicts the regular procedure within the individual concepts. 

There is a collection of techniques to strengthen the subjective feeling of security. Reproducibility? No chance!


If one speaks with participants of these seminars, then they cannot explain  the obtained contents already in the evening hours no more even their life companion. Reproducibility? Oh yes, no!


The individual self-protection of people, regardless of gender, size, age, etc., can be improved with a short time approach. Here, however, the focus should be on the early detection and handling of possible conflict situations and aggressors as well as movement in urban space. Finger and hand locks are not authorized here. 
"Dirty tricks" especially for women? Why don't you train them in regular training with both genders?

Fight Like An Amazon! Training! The way to the goal!


Every training, we assume a professional care, can improve the personal security. 


Especially when contents are conveyed that serve individual needs and are structured in a target-oriented way based on the existing time approach.


In principle, however, one must be honest and say that anyone seeking interdisciplinary approaches to dealing with possible aggression and violence will only find these answers within the framework of regular and honest training.


However, if you want to understand and recognise possible aggression and violence and are not able to take advantage of regular training support, you should focus on the contents we have mentioned. 


Because... Reproducibility? Definitely!


Self-defence for women!


Hence the appeal to the women's world - the key to success lies in training. Leave your own comfort zone and learn to move safely and self-confidently in everyday life.


Improve your individual self-protection and adapt this concept to your own needs. 


But even more important, when we talk about self-defense for women - learn to fight too!