Preview: Strategos International - Strategies of Low Light Engagements Instructor Course, 22.-24.05.2015 in Deutschland

Im Mai 2015 werden wir einen weitere Höhepunkt in der Zusammenarbeit mit externen Ausbildern und Ausbildungsfirmen bieten können. Strategos International wird bei uns einen dreitätigen Low-Light-Kurs geben.
Da wir aufgrund unseres Force-on-Force Trainings über die erforderliche Ausrüstung und Logistik verfügen, muss nur noch die Lokalität bestätigt werden.


Der Kurs findet in Siegen statt und kostet 500,00 Euro. Weitere Details werden aber in Kürze folgen.


Zugangsberechtigung ist die Zugehörigkeit zu einer waffenführenden Behörde, dem Militär sowie den Besitz eines Waffenscheins.

Upon completion of this intensive 3-day course the participant will be able to successfully deliver progressive low light training to his or her department based on the acclaimed training developed by the Strategos staff. This training will assist departments in meeting a critical training requirement for low light training.


The Strategies of Low Light Engagements
The Principles and Subsequent Techniques for Prevailing in the Realm of Conflict. This is NOT a flashlight shooting techniques course! Far from it. Developed over a 20-year period of interaction with regular and Special Forces military units, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, this groundbreaking course exposes the officer to the foundational precepts associated with armed and unarmed confrontations associated with day and night operations.


We do not focus on final outcomes per se, but address the underlying processes that ultimately determine the conclusion of any given conflict. The core principles of low light CQB and low light CQC, conflict resolution; strategy, tactics, teamwork, proper individual bio-mechanics, timing, effective communication, and leveraging available equipment are presented and tested.


Technique based approaches encouraged by the majority of traditional training methodologies are simply not sufficient. We teach operators to implement flexible, fluid, flowing and unpredictable (difficult for the adversary to read) responses in dynamic environments. The cornerstone to all reasonable action is possessing the ability to harness the full potential of the conscious and sub-conscious decision-making processes while under duress.


Officers leave this course with a practical understanding of a time tested sequential model for operating in the midst of discord. Participants are challenged mentally and physically to solve a multitude of problems utilizing an adaptive learning based philosophy. That is, participants are encouraged to experiment and take the initial concepts presented during powerful multimedia lectures and practical demonstrations and adapt them as necessary in a myriad of force-on-force drills and scenarios. These exercises are carefully analyzed utilizing infrared digital video playback. This course leads the way in Reduced Light Environments Training for Law Enforcement.


All students/participants who successfully complete the 3-day instructor course receive the following:


  • 300 Page Instructor Handbook – (Complete w/ talking point lesson plan, misc. articles, student pricing, addendum documents, administrative documents, rosters, course evaluation forms, incident reports etc.)
  • Product Discounts not available to the public
  • Successful Completion & Instructor Certificate


A certified instructor will also be able to:
Access “Instructor” pricing on all products offered by Strategos International


Excellent Handgun & Shotgun Skills / Instructor Background or training preferable


This 3 Day Course will cover the following:


  • Presenting “Low Light” multi-media lectures
  • Extensive solo drilling & pair drilling – “Force on Force”)
  • O.O.D.A. Cycle
  • Correct Use of Lighting Tools
  • Functioning under Duress
  • Searching Techniques
  • Proper Movement, effective use of Cover and Concealment
    - (Solo, Pairs and 4 person elements)
  • Introduction to Physical Conflict Resolution (PCR)
    - (Our proprietary Defensive Tactics approach)
  • Arrest & Control Concepts utilizing a flashlight
  • Using a handheld flashlight w/ a shoulder-fired weapon
  • Student Teach Back Sessions
  • Student run “Low Light” Drilling & Critiques
  • Illumination Tool and Related Equipment Recommendations
  • Administration of a safe and effective “Force on Force” training program
  • Administrative requirements for Program Delivery


Equipment required:


  • Choice of BDU’s/Sweats/Overalls/Flight Suit
  • Flashlight used on duty
  • Duty Rig
  • Eye, Ear, Groin, & Neck Protection, Gloves
  • (Chest Protection for Women)
  • Knee-Pads
  • Liquids

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