ISR Matrix - European / German Summer Camp 2015 mit Ray Price (USA), 17.-19. Juli 2015 in Erlensee

Ray Price

Law Enforcement:

16  years Law Enforcement

3 years Detention

2 years in the training division

Provided training for 420 deputies year round

Provided and managed training for all academy recruits

4 years of the above listed 5 years I was on the Detention Response Team

8 years patrol

3 years Sergeant

Force on Force Instructor

Emergency Vehicle Operation Instructors Course

Field Training Officer

Driving Simulator Instructor

Pistol Instructor

Shotgun Instructor

Patrol Rifle Instructor

L.E. Pistol Instructor

L.E. Shotgun Instructor

L.E. Rifle Instructor

Field Force Operations

WMD Incident Complexities (respiratory Protection)

FN 303 Instructor

BTS Tactical Ground Combatives Instructor

BTS Tactical Weapon Control & Protection Instructor

BTS SPEAR System Instructor

Defensive Tactics/Weaponless Defense Instructor

Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor

Monadnock Expandable Baton Advanced Instructor

Monadnock PR-24 Instructor


ISR Matrix:

Instructor Trainer, Ray Price, has been with the ISR Matrix since 2000. He has assisted with both LE & AF courses. He has implemented ISR Matrix as departmentally approved Defensive Tactics system. ISR taught at user level to 420 officers on a continuing basis (including the documentation of successful usage in the field via Use of Force Reports). Ray has also implemented ISR Matrix as a departmentally approved Defensive Tactics system for 5 of the main Law Enforcement agencies his area. Ray is currently the ISR Matrix LE Assistant Director.

Martial Arts:   

Ray Price is a lifelong martial artist who has trained both traditional and modern arts. He currently coaches Brazilian Jiujitsu as a Black Belt.

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