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Suarez International

Wie man teilweise schon aus anderen Quellen des Internets entnehmen konnte, ist SC Int'l nun ein offizieller Affiliate von Gabe Suarez bzw. Suarez International.


Da bereits am Tag der Bekanntgabe die ersten Fragen nach Schießkursen eingegangen sind, hier eine kurze Erläuterung des derzeitigen Trainings:


Innerhalb unseres Force-on-Force Trainings findet ihr Elemente der Kurse



Dieses ist auch weiterhin die Richtung, die wir gezielt verfolgen. Es wird einer Spezialisierung im absoluten Nachbereich nachgegangen und diese auch evolutioniert.


Konkrete Schießausbildungen mit scharfem Schuss sind derzeit nicht in Planung.

Inwieweit im kommenden Jahr externe Ausbilder in unseren Räumlichkeiten unterrichten, erfährt man natürlich frühzeitig auf unserer Homepage. Einen Leckerbissen findet ihr ja bereits im Bereich "Seminars & Schedule".


CRG-4: Force On Force Gunfighting

Force On Force is the single most 'eye opening' Suarez class you will take. Force On Force is a different animal. You learn about yourself; your thought process, your ability to problem solve QUICKLY. You learn what street gear is optimum and what is trash for gunfighting. You learn to point shoot naturally and quickly as you move with modern proven methods. You learn that if you do not move fast you get shot. You learn that if you do not upset an opponents thought process he will catch up and shoot you. It becomes evident that simple is faster, that fluidity and training are key and stagnation and ignorance are death.

What will you see and experience there? Instinctive, reactive shooting and moving.  No poses, stances, or artificiality brought in from the range.  Immediately, you will see what works...and what does not work. In an eye blink, you will see our Force On Force theme - In Ferro Veritas - an old swordsman's term meaning "In Steel We Learn The Truth".  In other is all theory until you test it in the crucible of combat.  And Force On Force is the closet we can get to it without bloodshed.

Come and join us and experience what we have said.  Your training will never be the same again.

CRG-5: Zero to Five Feet Gunfighting

This revolutionary class focuses on integrating the pistol into the fight at zero to five feet. This is what some trainers call "The Hole" and their entire perspective is to "Get Out Of The Hole". We don't worry about "getting out of the hole" because the reality of it is that you won't. Instead, we get comfortable in there...we set up a nice cozy camp there and learn to thrive where other men fear to walk. We make the other guy want to get out of the hole he finds himself in as we start to rip his head right off his shoulders. This will be a very thorough study on how to prevail and not get killed at this distance interval. We will do a great deal of technical work to ingrain the correct skills and then work them extensively via force on force exercises. You have never seen training and information like this before. This class brings everything together.

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