Instructor Development Program

SC Int'l - Street Combatives - Instructor Development Program
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Our Instructor Development Program is the trainer education within SC Int'l.


Contrary to many other training modalities, the grading of the "Instructor" is not achieved through a separate commercial course with final review and evaluation of the performance of each participant.


This grading is awarded on the basis of continuous performance improvement within each Coach Certification Course and continuous technical and tactical development, as well as the instructor skills of our participants.


Due to the well-known quality of our individual training courses, we guarantee the best possible support for our participants and their individual development.

Besides superficial technical and tactical training components, we also focus on the methodology and didactics of our self-protection system, which is based on analogy principles.


By passing individual Coach Certification Courses, attending various topic-specific seminars and workshops, and having the will and sufficient competence to teach the acquired knowledge areas, the participant on the way to becoming an "Instructor" is appointed from "Study Group Leader" (until 2016 Class Organizer) to "Training Group Leader".


Instead of so-called "Instructor-Drills" or similar examinations, we want our "Instructors" to distinguish themselves from other trainers through reproducible knowledge and a sustainable communication of the training contents.


The awarding of the "Instructor" grading depends on the individual's will to continuously improve performance and is not regarded by SC Int'l as a compulsory completion of the programme.

We consider any kind of license fees to be unnecessary, but would like to see our coaches in the Instructor Development Program at least once a year on one of our numerous trainings.


Our annual Clinic is the unspoken mandatory event for our Study Group Leaders, Training Group Leaders and Instructors