...individual self-protection, adapted to modern times.

SC Int'l - Street Combatives - Instructor Development Program - Coach Certification Course

SC Int'l - Street Combatives is an easy to learn, concept-based system for real self-protection in high-stress situations.


Our self-protection concept is primarily based to a determined, brute force and gross motor skills approach, as well as targets with maximum physiological impact for handling current aggression and violence.


This makes it ideal for people who have to protect themselves or third parties offensively also against asymmetric attacks (superior and/or several opponents, weapons, ambush) and want to increase their individual competencies within their self-protection concept.


Our Instructor Development Program is the trainer education for active trainers in the fields of martial arts, self-defense and self-protection as well as for instructors of security forces within SC Int'l - Street Combatives.

"Theorize the practice - don't practice the theory." (SC Int'l, 2009)