Street Combatives - Empty Hands Knife Defense Coach / Level 2

street combatives empty hands knife defense coach certification

After completion of the Empty Hands Knife Defense Coach / Level 1 course and the foundation for practical handling of knife attacks have been met by the participants,

Level 2 will further your knowledge and teach you techniques in other extremes.






Street Combatives - Empty Hands Knife Defense Coach / Level 2 includes our:

  • Theoretical introduction to Level 2
  • Defensive and offensive procedures for narrow, uncomfortable spaces and the bottom layer (ground work fighting).
  • Threats and attacks when a wall is in play
  • Threats and attacks in tight spaces
  • Obstructions in the drawing process while on the ground (laying position)
  • Practical handling of knife attacks on the ground (laying position)
  • "Impact vs Grappling" in theory and practice
  • Drills and simulations to increase the level of evolution.


At the completions of the course there will be an evaluation of the participant’s performance and certificates will be issued for the successful completion.


The successful participation of the training course Empty Hands Knife Defense Coach / Level 1 is required.


The course duration is 16 hours and can take place either Friday evening to Sunday noon, or two full consecutive days.


The course can be attended as a supplementary training for coaches and instructors or for the independent individual training.


The investment cost for this course is only:

• 249.00 Euros for an independent individual training

• 179.00 Euros for additional training of our "Unarmed Combatives" Coaches and Instructors

What to bring:

• Sporty clothes

• Robust "street clothes"

• Groin protection and Mouth guard

• Boxing gloves or MMA gloves

• Notepad/Notebook/Paper and pen

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